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The $99 is a reservation fee for set up and design, and is non-refundable if buyer later decides to not run their ad.

I understand that purchasing an ad spot does not guarantee ad redemptions. Just like any other advertising methods, I understand that consistency and repetition will produce results.

I understand that the product I am purchasing includes:

  • Exclusive, No-Competition, Front Page Ad Spot on a Co-Op Business Directory Card
  • Distribution to 2,500 Local Households in the South Bay Neighborhood of Your Choice
  • Free Ad Design
  • Printing, Postage and Handling Included

Ads and offers are subject to final approval by Thrive South Bay. Participant is responsible for honoring all offers made within their ad.  Participant will provide, in a timely fashion, a print quality logo and necessary information.

No refunds will be given once production begins to prevent inconveniences towards participants involved.

Thrive South Bay shall not be liable for any lost profits or damages that may result from this agreement.